Volunteer Day at Goodwill

Volunteer DayWe owe a giant thank you to the many people who made our big volunteer day at Goodwill on November 16th a success! We were able to get so much done that Friday, it made the finishing work on Saturday a breeze. On Saturday we had 33 volunteers helping to sort wires, cables, software and hardware. They also helped us test over 200 laptop batteries! Check out photos on our Flickr page. and, if you’d like to volunteer with us in the future, just fill out this form.


Thank you to:

  • Enterprise for nice discount on the 16ft diesel box truck rental.
  • American Eagle for donating 21 used pallets.
  • Valley Tire for fixing the flat tire on our rental truck (never a dull moment with us!)
  • The Pittsburgh Parking Authority guy for not giving us a ticket for over-parking with a flat truck tire.
  • Charlie Hutchens for maneuvering the truck in tight spots for us.
  • Rick Fitzgibbon for driving to McKnight Road to get extra keys from Marty Swartz.
  • John Hamill, Jon Smith, Bob Donaldson, Richard Morgan, Bob Wray, Charlie Hutchens, Rick Fitzgibbon, Peter Carras for joining Dave in loading over 100 computers into the 16ft box truck. This was a big help!
  • And to the same team for driving out to our Construction Junction warehouse site to unload all of those computers.
  • Brian Swearingen of Construction Junction for moving 80 computers onto the box truck (saving us several hours of hard labor on Saturday).

So you see, it takes a lot of hard work to make our mission possible. We couldn’t do it all without an amazing volunteer team!


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