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Computer Reach is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization that makes technology available to people most in need through refurbished equipment, computer skills training, and support.

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Computer Reach T-Mobile Internet Lending Program

Computer Reach T-Mobile Internet Lending Program

Are you paying too much for the Internet? Computer Reach has a solution for you! Computer Reach’s mission is to…

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Sarah Radcliffe on Digital Navigators in Washington County PA

Sarah Radcliffe on Digital Navigators in Washington County PA

Internet, Device Access, and Digital Skills in Rural Southwestern PA with Sarah Radcliffe of Computer Reach Dara Brown, on location…

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Sister Sue Fazzini – a conversation with KDKA Radio’s Michael Bartley about volunteer service – on Good Friday 3-29-24

Sister Sue Fazzini – a conversation with KDKA Radio’s Michael Bartley about volunteer service – on Good Friday 3-29-24

(10-14-22 photo) Sister Audrey Quinn (Benedictine Sister), Michael Bartley (KDKA Radio Pittsburgh), Sister Sue Fazzini (Benedictine Sister) Michael Bartley previewed…

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Lisa Neil, President, Southwest Training Services, Inc.
Community Partners

Southwest Training Services, Inc.'s partnership with the Washington County PA Digital Navigator Project has been a very positive one which has greatly impacted the individuals that our agency enrolls and provides workforce development services with. Individuals and families who otherwise could not access a computer from home are now becoming digitally connected.

This program not only provides a computer, but it also enhances digital literacy and provides the tools and platforms, along with an engaged and knowledgeable staff, to deliver effective learning experiences. We are proud to partner with Computer Reach, and this project, which results in the growth of digital connectivity and literacy for families in Washington County.

Lisa Neil


Christie Johnson, Operations Manager, Ignite for Success
Community Partners

As the Operations Manager at Ignite, a business incubator and co-working space serving Washington County, I see many entrepreneurs and small business owners come through wanting to fulfill the dream of working for themselves.

We assist these entrepreneurs with free resources, consulting and programs designed to empower and educate. At times, I see small business owners come in and they do not have the technology or knowledge to be competitive and successful in today's market; this can be a difficult barrier to overcome and oftentimes is the difference between success and failure.

Knowing that the Digital Navigator Project exists in Washington County is a lifeline that I have seen, firsthand, make an impact on these small businesses. I am a proud partner of this initiative and so glad to be part of making a difference in our community.

Christie Johnson

Operations Manager

Zelayna Black, Digital Navigator End-user, Plum, PA

“My knowledge of technology and ways of life broaden everyday through research. With the proper technology that I have now I am able to do so, so Im am thankful for Achieva & Computer Reach.

You all have helped me gain a form of independence & access to the internet all from my home. I can also now work from home, if given the opportunity. Having a computer has made obtaining information, as well as creating digital forums, much easier.

I am forever grateful for the services that you all provide. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

Zelayna Black

Digital Navigator End-user

Maria Isabel Gonzales, Digital Navigator End-user, Mt. Oliver, PA

“I want to thank Computer Reach for helping my daughter finish her last year of high school by providing us with internet access and support. Access to the Internet was important during her last year of school because of the pandemic, but we couldn't afford it. So having free internet access at home made it a lot easier for her to do homework and research.

I am also thankful that they were always there when we had troubles with the hotspot. They made it all the way to our house to fix any of the issues we had in Spanish. It is a great service [Computer Reach] offers, and I hope they are able to serve more people like us, who really need it.”

Maria Gonzales

[Spanish-speaking] Digital Navigator End-user

Mount Oliver, PA

James Dugan, Lottery Program End-user, Blawnox, PA

“A few years ago, I suffered from a loss of blood pressure that resulted in a fall that caused broken ribs, broken laptop computer and furniture. I was forced to do computer work on my small-screened cell phone. Not easy with elderly eyes. I am a senior living on a fixed income without the means to replace all that was lost due to my accident.

The Computer Lottery Program that provides free [refurbished Giant Eagle] computers for those in need has restored access to my friends and family worldwide. I should also mention that there are other seniors in my high-rise apartment building that have received free computers from Computer Reach. Thank you again for being a very important part of our community.”

James Dugan

Computer Lottery Program End-user

Blawnox, PA

Dave Lambert, Chief, Cokeburg Volunteer Fire Co., Washington County, PA
Community Partners

“The Washington Co Digital Navigator Project has been a game-changer for the emergency services in Cokeburg borough, specifically for the Cokeburg Volunteer Fire Department. With access to critical devices and comprehensive digital skills training, the project has helped us significantly improve our life-saving emergency services and enhanced our response capabilities to fire protection and other critical situations.

The project's support has bridged the gap between our aspirations and financial constraints, enabling us to better serve our community with faster and more efficient responses. We are immensely grateful for their support and excited about the positive impact it will have on our department's operations and the safety of our residents.”

Chief Dave Lambert

Cokeburg Volunteer Fire Co.

Cokeburg, PA

Rick Bucks, Digital Navigator End-user, Washington Co, PA

“As a homeless person, my life has been a series of trials and tribulations, abandonment, abuse, and addiction, but I refuse to let my past define my future. The Digital Navigator Project holds immense significance for me as I embark on the journey of rebuilding my life. Through this project, I was provided with computer and digital skills training, including computer classes.

These resources will be the key to reignite my passion for spreading the message of hope and redemption.The project is empowering me to reclaim what I have lost and rebuild the foundations of my professional life, and breathe new life into my entrepreneurial endeavors.
Most importantly, the Digital Navigator Project will allow me to reconnect with my children, who have been deeply affected by my past struggles.”

Rick Bucks

Digital Navigator End-user

Washington, PA

Robert “Bobby” Jenks, Digital Navigator End-user, Heidelberg, PA

“I am a United States Army veteran and I am currently going back to school and majoring in Criminal Justice and Human Services. I decided to do that because I would like to supplement my social security income. Prior to receiving the Digital Navigator services, I was doing my school work on my cell phone. Needless to say, it was very difficult for me to properly access my coursework or even do research or work on my assignments.

[The Digital Navigator] program was a game changer for me. [The digital navigator] came to my house and he set up the computer and wi-fi hotspot; he also patiently showed me how to use the computer, access my school’s website, and use the internet. A few weeks later, my school provided me with a laptop to be used for school work. This was great, but it also posed a problem because the laptop’s operating system needed to be configured before I could use it. I had no idea how to do that.

At first, I tried calling a couple of tech service companies, but quickly I realized it was gonna be too expensive. This is because I don’t have a car,so the techs had to come to my house. My last hope was to call [the Digital Navigator Program] asking for help with my laptop. I was happy I did, because they promptly scheduled an appointment for an in-person training session. They came to my house and configured my laptop and showed me how to properly use it. They stayed with me for about an hour.

I can’t say enough about [the Digital Navigator program]. This is such a great service for folks like me who just can’t afford in-person training and who can’t physically attend in-person computer classes.”

Bobby Jenks

Digital Navigator End-user

Heidelberg, PA

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