In our digital world, access to technology
should be a right, not a privilege.

Computer Reach makes technology available to people most in need through refurbished equipment, computer skills training, and support. Will you help us get families digitally connected?

Financial Donations

Your Impact

Help us refurbish computers, increase the number of classes we can offer, and serve more families.


Computer Donation Policies & Scheduling

Your Impact

Help replenish our stock of computers so we can get more tech into the hands of families that need it.


Donating Your Time Volunteering

Your Impact

Donate computers your company no longer uses, volunteer with us, or support our digital literacy programs.

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Why Your Support Matters

Donating Funds

As a nonprofit organization, Computer Reach could not survive without the support of generous people like you. Your financial contributions will help us refurbish more computers, serve more families, and bridge the digital divide in Southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond. See what programs we offer.

Donating Computers

Did you know that electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing waste streams? If not properly repaired, reused, or recycled, electronics often make their way to the landfill to sit in piles of trash for millions of years.

Instead of dumping a computer you no longer use in the trash, consider donating it to Computer Reach. We will work to properly refurbish, reuse elements of, or recycle the equipment. This donation method refills our stock of computers which enables us to distribute more computers to families who need them.

Donating Time

The labor involved in sorting, testing, cleaning and final  refurbishing for reuse in the community is massive.  We have hosted over 2500 people (over 50% repeat volunteers) since our mission began in 2001.  Please join us!  See our volunteer page!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at 412-444-8816 or