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Washington County Digital Navigator / Lead Trainer


The Washington County PA Digital Navigator Project

The Washington County PA Digital Navigator Project

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What goals motivated our end-users
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Learn Essential Digital Life Skills
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Tech Support
128 hours
Source: Data aggregated from the Intake & Skills Assessment for all end-users.

What is the Washington County PA Digital Navigator Project?

The Washington County  PA Digital Navigator Project is managed by Computer Reach and is part of the National Digital Navigator Corps Project launched by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and funded by

Computer Reach was among the 18 community based organizations and Tribal governments across the continental US that were selected to develop and establish a Digital Navigator program in rural & tribal communities.

The Washington County PA Digital Navigator Project will establish a Digital Navigator Program based in Washington Co and will hire a local community member to be the Digital Navigator who will oversee the program locally.

What is a Digital Navigator Program?

A Digital Navigator Program provides community members with affordable connectivity solutions, computer device access, customized  in-person digital skills training, and ongoing remote and/or in-person tech support.

The Washington County PA Digital Navigator Project provides county residents with

Free Personal Computer Devices
Ongoing Tech Support
At-home Digital Skills Training

What impact will the Project have in the lives of Community Members?

The Digital Navigator Project will provide eligible Washington County PA residents with the tools,
training and support needed to help them access…

Access & manage healthcare tools: telehealth visits, patient portals, and other information.
Access local government information, learn about and participate in community activities.
Access, learn, apply & manage services such as: Affordable Connectivity Program, Medicaid, Medicare, Housing, Food Banks, etc.
Connect & stay in touch with friends and family. Access & manage online tools such as: online bill payment, shopping, banking, etc.
Access & manage child’s school portal, Access & manage online education portals/tools/resources.
Access & manage workforce development tools/resources/portals, Apply for job opportunities.


The Washington Co Digital Navigator Project has been a game-changer for the emergency services in Cokeburg borough, specifically for the Cokeburg Volunteer Fire Department. With access to critical devices and comprehensive digital skills training, the project has helped us significantly improved our life-saving emergency services and enhanced our response capabilities to fire protection and other critical situations. The project’s support has bridged the gap between our aspirations and financial constraints, enabling us to better serve our community with faster and more efficient responses.

We are immensely grateful for their support and excited about the positive impact it will have on our department’s operations and the safety of our residents. 

Dave Lambert, Chief Cokeburg Volunteer Fire Co. Washington County, PA

Partner with Us

We are here to help bridge the Digital Divide in Washington County. Our project is designed to provide devices and services that can be customized to the particular needs of the communities you serve. 
If you represent a nonprofit organization, community agency, school, local government, or any other community-based group that serves county Washington residents, please consider partnering with us.

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Project FAQs

Who qualifies to receive our services?

ONLY Washington County PA residents who are ENROLLED through a Community Distribution Partner QUALIFY to be part of the project.

What is the Project Timeline?

Please click on the image below to see a detailed project timeline

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Digital Navigator Services – Washington CO PA

Participation Eligibility – How do I enroll in the Program?

Only participants who are referred and enrolled by our community partners will be eligible to receive our Digital Navigator Services. To enroll, participants must complete the Intake and Skills Assessment Form provided by the point of contact at our respective community partner.

Digital Navigator Service Package – What do I get once I am enrolled in the program?

  1. A computer device (The computer device package includes 1 laptop with power supply, 1 keyboard, and 1 mouse).
  2. Five in-home and/or in-person Digital Skills training sessions.
  3. Phone/Remote/Email and/or in-Person Tech Support for 1 year.

Lifecycle of Services – How long do I have access to the services provided by this program?

The one-year period of services that participants are eligible for is calculated and starts from the first in-person contact with the program. This includes any initial training sessions, device setup, or other direct interactions with our Digital Navigators

For example, if a participant’s initial training session or device setup occurs on March 15,
2024, their one-year service period will extend until March 14, 2025.

Computer Device Tech Support

The computer device you receive through our Digital Navigator Services comes with two years of technical support services. This two-year period is calculated starting from the day you first receive the device from us.

Breakdown of technical support services by year:

First Year
During the first year, computer device tech support includes both phone/remote and in-person support. In the event of any issues or the need for assistance with the computer device that cannot be resolved over the phone or remotely, a Digital Navigator will be dispatched to provide in-person support and address the issue.

Second Year
During the second year, computer device tech support will only be available by phone and/or remotely. In-person support by a Digital Navigator will not be provided. Should the need for direct technical assistance arise, the end-user is responsible for bringing the device to our designated service center for tech support.

Computer Device Warranty

All computer devices you receive through our Digital Navigator Services come with a one-year device replacement warranty. During this period, if technical support is unable to resolve any hardware and/or software issues that may prevent the end-user from using the computer device, a replacement will be provided.

Note about your computer device: Any hardware you receive from us belongs to you, with full right of usage, transfer, and sale. However, we will require the return of any damaged computer or component that we are to replace.

At-Home or In-Person Training Sessions

Training sessions involve an appointment with one of our Digital Navigators, who will provide customized digital skills training on topics of your choosing.

Scheduling At-Home and/or In-Person Training Sessions

Please note that all scheduling calls will be conducted using the following phone number:
(724) 400-2021. For ease of communication, we kindly ask that you save this number to your phone contacts.

The day of the appointment, you will receive a call to confirm your scheduled appointment. We require confirmation by phone or SMS Text  for any at-home/in-person appointment.

If we are unable to reach you or otherwise confirm the appointment within one hour of our scheduled time, your session may be canceled at the discretion of the Digital Navigator.

You may reschedule the appointment at a mutually agreed time with our Digital Navigator.

When your Digital Navigator arrives at your home, they will call you by phone to announce their arrival and arrange for entry to your home or a meet-up location for those in-person sessions happening outside your home.

It is your responsibility to arrange for entry by our Digital Navigator. Failure to provide entry will result in a cancellation of the appointment.

Please ensure that you and your Digital Navigator have an adequate working environment, with access to a nearby electrical outlet and adequate space for setting up a computer.

Self-Guided Tech Support

Participants can access a wide-ranging and curated collection of self-guided tech support resources by visiting
Our online portal offers a comprehensive collection of tips, lesson plans, tutorials, and other pertinent resources to address common issues related to computer usage and digital skills.

Digital Skills Phone, Remote & in-Person Tech Support

Digital Skills Tech Support, encompassing both phone/remote and in-person assistance, is provided to all participants of the Digital Navigator Services for a period of one year. This support goes beyond mere computer device assistance and extends to include guidance and help with digital skills development.

Phone, Remote, in-PersonTech Support is available from Monday – Friday  10 AM – 5 PM by calling (724) 400-2021.
Please bear in mind that if you are unable to reach us over the phone, please leave us a voicemail message or use the “Request Tech Support” Form" on this page to request digital skills tech support.

Washington Co PA Participants can access more information about our tech support services by visiting or

Modification of Terms
By using our Digital Navigator Services, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. 

Computer Reach reserves the right to terminate or modify the Service at any time.

It is the responsibility of participants to review the terms periodically for updates or changes.

Click here to download Terms & Conditions