What is the Computer Lottery Program?

The Computer Lottery Program’s mission is simple yet profound: to provide community members with free computer bundles that include a reliable refurbished desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, and a mouse.
Computer Lottery Program
Pick-up Instructions and What's in the Bundle?
This video provides Computer Reach's Lottery Program winners with information about how to pick up their Computer Bundles from our two distribution locations. The video also provides a brief description of the contents of each computer bundle.

Who qualifies to sign up for our Computer Lottery Program?

All residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania are welcome to register for a chance to win a Computer Bundle.

IMPORTANT: All Computer Bundles distributed through the Lottery Program MUST BE picked up by the participant at our distribution centers.
Computer Reach does not provide shipping or delivery for this program.

How does the Program work?

First: Register for the Program
After registering, participants will become eligible to be chosen as a winner in one of our weekly distributions.
Second: Winners Selected Weekly
Winners are randomly selected every week.
Third: Winners Notified & Pick-up Scheduled
After being selected as a winner, one of our team members will contact the participant to notify them and schedule the pickup of their computer bundle. Each week, we will provide every lottery winner with the opportunity to select from three different distribution dates, allowing them to choose the one that best suits their schedule and transportation needs.
Fourth: Pick-up at Distribution Centers
Computer lottery winners will have the option to choose from two distribution centers for picking up their bundles:


The computers provided through our program make a tangible difference in the lives of lottery winners. These devices are more than just tools; they are gateways to a world of possibilities.

From healthcare management to community engagement, from accessing vital social services to fostering personal connections, these computers are catalysts for positive change. 

Our computers enable winners to handle their healthcare needs efficiently. They can schedule telehealth visits, access patient portals, and keep track of important medical information, ensuring their well-being is in their own hands.
Social Services
Winners use these computers to navigate essential social services. They learn about programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program, apply for benefits, and access resources for housing, healthcare, and food assistance, promoting self-sufficiency.
Community Info
Through these computers, winners stay informed about local government activities and community events. It's about being engaged citizens, making informed choices, and taking an active role in their neighborhoods.
Winners connect with loved ones and simplify daily tasks. These computers facilitate communication with friends and family and make online activities like bill payment, shopping, and banking more convenient.


“A few years ago, I suffered from a loss of blood pressure that resulted in a fall that caused broken ribs, broken laptop computer and furniture. I was forced to do computer work on my small-screened cell phone. Not easy with elderly eyes. I am a senior living on a fixed income without the means to replace all that was lost due to my accident.

The Computer Lottery Program that provides free [refurbished Giant Eagle] computers for those in need has restored access to my friends and family worldwide. I should also mention that there are other seniors in my high-rise apartment building that have received free computers from Computer Reach. Thank you again for being a very important part of our community.”

James Dugan, Computer Lottery Program End-user, Blawnox, PA

About Our Computer Devices

We are proud to share that all computer devices featured in our lottery program are generously donated by Giant Eagle.Their commitment to supporting our mission of digital inclusion has been truly remarkable.

It’s important to note that these computers don’t just come straight from the store; instead, they are carefully refurbished by Computer Reach, ensuring that they are in excellent working condition and ready to make a difference in the lives of families in need.

We are immensely grateful to Giant Eagle for not only providing these devices but also allowing us to give them a second chance to shine. Together, we are bridging the digital divide and empowering underserved communities with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

Thank you www.GiantEagle.com

Our Lottery Program

Support Team

James Jenkins
Lottery Program Coordinator

(412) 407-6925


Dave Sevick
Distribution Support


Lottery Program FAQs

Do you offer support for the computers you distribute through this program?

We are committed to providing support for the computers distributed through our program. For the first two years from the time a participant receives a computer through our lottery program, we offer comprehensive support services.

If you require assistance or encounter any issues with your computer during this period, our support team is readily available.

You can reach us by calling 412.444.8816 Ext 3.

or you can fill out out Tech Support Request Form, which can be found by clicking here

Our support services include both phone and remote tech support, ensuring that we can effectively address your questions and concerns.


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