Our Programs and Services

Digital Navigator Program

Our Digital Navigator Program provides free desktop computer and internet bundles, in-person set up support, computer literacy training, and ongoing technical support. Each session includes:

  • the setup of a desktop computer bundle and external webcam,
  • the setup of a hotspot to provide internet access,
  • basic digital literacy training on passwords, internet safety, and emailing,
  • back-end technical support (via phone or in person),
  • and time for participants to ask questions.

To learn more, visit our Digital Navigator page. Information and services are available in English and Spanish.

If your organization is interested in requesting services, contact Will Perez at wperez@computerreach.org or 412-444-8816, x3

Computer Lottery Program

Our Computer Lottery Program distributes free desktop computer bundles to selected individuals each week. Bundles include:

  • one desktop computer,
  • one computer monitor,
  • one keyboard,
  • one mouse,
  • and all necessary cords to operate the machine.

All bundles are distributed at no cost to the recipient. 

Funding for lottery computer production comes from individuals and community benefit organizations who believe in our mission.

Winners must be able to pick up their bundle from the Computer Reach Warehouse in Homewood at 7800 Susquehanna Street. To sign up, add your name to our Waitlist. Spanish-speaking individuals can sign up using this form.

Digital Literacy Classes

Computer Reach offers Digital Literacy classes that teach a range of computer and software skills such as general use, emailing, internet safety, social media, and more. Each class is taught by an experienced Digital Literacy Teacher who is able to work with students at all proficiency levels. All classes must be funded and scheduled at the organization level.

If your organization is interested in requesting services, contact Kyle Spangler at kspangler@computerreach.org or 412-444-8816, x1