Field and Factory

This week we share stories from the field ... 5 families from Bellevue, PA in the S.O.L.E. ( Self Organized Learning Environments ) study on July 17, 2014: And from the factory ... High school students from local districts on July 18, 2014: The Heinz Endowment Interns on July 23, 2014: Crestfield Camp and Conference Center on July 24, 2014: High school students from local districts on July 25, 2014: Thanks...

876 Volunteer Faces

We are now 876 volunteers strong with new faces in this video from the Small Business Adminstration of Western PA, Shaler Middle School, DT Watson Friendship Academy, Margaret Milliones University Prep High School, Allegheny Community College, ITT Tech Tarentum, Duquesne University, and University of Pittsburgh. Thank You all ... as we celebrate 876 volunteers. At Computer Reach

December 20 2013 – Getting Better All The Time – 2 big events in one day

A big day with volunteer team Shoefitrs, the Pittsburgh Public Schools and some new faces via Pittsburgh Cares. A bigger night at ITT - Pittsburgh as we grow our operations on their campus beginning tonight 12-20-2013. At Goodwill 2400 Carson: 80 Computers shipped 144 Computers shipped 20+ de-manufactured 10+ refurbished and at ITT - Pittsburgh: 144 computers staged for triage and Apple imaging in 2014. Happy Holidays everyone from Computer Reach .... from ... Dave Sevick Peter...

Rockin’ Mayor Ravenstahl’s Civic Leaders Academy December 14, 2013

As part of Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's Civic Leadership Academy ... on Saturday December 14, 2013 a group of 16 gathered to prepare 100 computers for a South Hills project, 12 Apple iBooks for a Homstead project and 20 Linux laptops for a Haiti project. They were a great team and really ROCKIN' THANK YOU for a really great day.

Computer Reach hosts 15 diverse volunteers at Goodwill December 13, 2013

On December 13 2013 we assembled 15 volunteers from , Cleveland OH, NYC, Michigan, the Congo in Africa, Baltimore MD, Omaha Nebraska .... as well as Pittsburgh, Altoona and Conshohocken PA. All to de-manufacture many years of un-fixable Apple laptop parts into proper metal, plastic, and logic board parts for Goodwill recycling. Many thanks to everyone ... especially the staff from AnteaGroup from Oakmont,...

ITT Apple iBook Imaging 9 28 2013

On Saturday September 28, 2013 a team of 15 volunteers tackled the software imaging of over 120 Apple iBook laptops at the ITT Tarentum campus: Please join us by signing up for computer events:

Casa San Jose supports Latino families in Pittsburgh, PA

On 9 23 2013 Computer Reach provided 3 Apple computers, a laser printer and more networking supplies to Casa San Jose to support child care and many more services for 45 children and their families. We wish Director Sister Janice Vanderneck and Teachers Olimpia Valenzuela and Susan Garraham the best of luck with their recycled technology at their Brookline, Pittsburgh based child care center.