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To donate a computer or computer equipment, please schedule an appointment using the calendar below and answer the included questions. You will be expected to drop off the donation on the date and at the time you select unless you schedule a request for pickup. If you schedule a donation for pickup, you will be contacted by the Computer Reach team to confirm.

Pickups are available for donations of 10 or more working computers. However, it is Computer Reach’s prerogative to accept or decline a donation pickup. Please review our Donation Policies at the bottom of the page before submitting a donation.

Computer Donation Policies

Accepted and Not Accepted Items

•  Computer Reach accepts the following equipment: laptop computers, desktop computers, flat-panel monitors, keyboards, mice, networking devices, computer bags, computer wires, and computer speakers.

  Computer Reach does not accept the following equipment: printers, CRT monitors, televisions, telephones, fax machines, loose internal computer components, scrap metal, and household appliances.

Personal Data

  While Computer Reach uses general procedures to reformat and/or wipe data from hard drives from all donated equipment, it cannot guarantee the removal of data from donated computers and assumes no responsibility for the removal of any data from donated computers.

  Computer Reach provides the service of data erasure and/or drive destruction and provides a Certificate of Data Destruction with the serial numbers of the erased and/or destroyed storage devices. Computer Reach offers the services of 3+ pass DoD data erasure.

Ownership Policy

  By donating equipment to Computer Reach, the donor acknowledges that this is an unconditional donation and transfers to Computer Reach all rights for use of the equipment and any data that might be contained therein.

•  Computer Reach will use the equipment as it sees fit which may include: refurbishment for educational and charitable purposes, use for spare parts, donation to a third party, scrap, recycling, or sale to raise funds to support Computer Reach activities.

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