Goodwill Selling Good-to-Go Computers



There was a great article in this weekend’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the Good-to-Go computer program at Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

We work with Goodwill all the time to turn donated computers into usable machines, it’s great to see that their donation numbers are going up!


Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is putting ready-to-go, boxed computer systems on its store shelves.

Goodwill stopped offering refurbished, donated computers — sold at a discount as Good-to-Go Computers — about 18 months ago because it could not keep up with demand, spokesman David J. Tobiczyk said.

Now computer donations are increasing.

“I think it’s just a greater general awareness that computers should be recycled. … And folks like Goodwill are able to take it and handle it for you,” Tobiczyk said.

Electronic recycling will become mandatory on Jan. 24. That’s when the 2010 Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act, which bans disposal of computers, laptops, monitors and other electronic devices in landfills, takes effect.

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You can find out more about Goodwill’s Computer Recycling Program on their website.



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