New Details of our Ghana Trip

Ghana, AfricaNews of our work in Ghana is developing daily. So far, a team of four highly passionate people has been assembled from across the United States. These four people will travel to Ghana in early October to deliver 100 computers to aid our African partners.

These people are:
Dave Sevick – Pittsburgh
Nancy Latimer – Pittsburgh
Beth Lynn Eicher – Chicago
Lyz Krumbach – San Francisco

In addition to delivering the computers, this team will train the African computer professionals and teachers, build relationships for future work in Ghana and other West African nations and advocate Edubuntu Linux free and open source software on Intel-based recycled computers.

We’ve already formed relationships with great new partners in business, government and non-government organizations to help our work go as smoothly as possible. We have successfully established a wide-ranging, organized and sustainable network of support for people using recycled computers in schools, community centers and churches. Our hosting company is the like-minded computer outreach NGO, Africa ICT Right, Executive Director Daniel Kwaku Ganyaome.

During the two-week trip, our team will work with our 100 computers in three main areas of Ghana:

20 computers to Accra
50 computers to Gomoa East
30 computers to West Gonja

We’ll be updating the progress of this trip on a regular basis, so make sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the listserve to stay up to date.

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