Apple iBooks in Guatemala

Flouride Research in Guatemala

Hi Dave,

We are in Guatemala City after a very successful mission trip to the village of Aguacate.  The girl in the picture is a very grateful community health care worker who is using a Computer Reach iBook computer to record the Fluoride treatments that we trained her to conduct on a weekly basis at the local school. She administers the treatment at the local school for about 400 children. It is important for her to record the names and dates of the treatment so we can follow up on effectiveness of the program. She is the young lady I was telling you about that will be invaluable to our clinic in the village.

Bob Kirshner

Pittsburgh-based SurgiCorps Mission Worker

Here is an updated link on a website called  “The Word From Guatemala” … read about the Aguacate story.


6 Apple

Date: May 2014
Recipient: Colegio Pedagogico of Nueva Concepcion of the Guatemalan Catholic Orthodox Church
Location: Escuintla, Guatemala
Purpose: To serve Catholic Orthodox Missionaries in training
Partner: Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church Mission Fund, Mt. Lebanon, PA

5 Apple

Date: December 2013
Recipient: Guatemalan Catholic Orthodox Church at the Colegio Pedagogico of Nueva Concepcion
Location: Escuintla, Guatemala
Purpose: Serves Catholic Missionaries in training
Partner: Holy Cross Mission Fund in Mt. Lebanon, PA


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