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Date:  March 4, 2014

Recipient Organization:  Upako Center

Location:  Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya

Description:  Upako Centre, a community based organization, is God’s Agent of change physically, spiritually and socially in the Kawangware community of Nairobi, Kenya.  Upako Centre provides primary education to over 180 children. Forty of those children have no home to go to after school. They sleep on the cold floors and eat one basic meal each day.  The rest of the children live with relatives nearby. Their lot is little better than the kids who live at school.  The school consists of six rooms of 3 metres by 4 metres made of old iron sheets. The rooms serve as classrooms during the day and as shelter to the orphans at night.

Computers Received:  1

Installation Site:  Upako School and Orphanage

Population Served:  children and orphans

Geographic Focus:  East Africa

Sustainability Partner:  PuposeQuest International

Location:  Pittsburgh, PA

Mission:  “Working with friends to bring food, clothing and hope to widows and orphans in Kenya.”


CR Volunteer Hours Logged:  ??

Notes:  Dr. John Stanko of PurposeQuest International, partnered with Computer Reach to distribute their first Apple computer today.  The Apple computer was presented to Pastor Francis Odhiambo, founder of Upako Center in the Kawangware section of Nairobi.  Pastor Francis has a school of 200 and an orphanage with 20 children.  For more information on this mission to Banana, Kenya … please go to the PurposeQuest interview:

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