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BIG NEWS! Computer Reach successfully provided a free desktop computer bundle to every eligible person on our Computer Lottery Program waitlist. We distributed roughly 365 bundles to local residents over an 8-month timeframe.

Computer Lottery Program

Computer Reach launched its Computer Lottery program in August 2020 as a means to get free Desktop Computer Bundles into the hands of the people who needed them most. Over a period of eight months, 365 people in the Greater Pittsburgh Area entered to win a bundle and received one. While we are proud to have gotten those individuals connected, we know that many more are still in need.

Join the Waitlist

Currently, our Computer Lottery Program Waitlist is empty. Because of this, we will temporarily pause bundle distributions until later this summer. If you need a computer, sign up for our waitlist! Winners must be able to pick up their bundle in Pittsburgh.

Enter to Win                Regístrate (En Español)

What’s Included?

Each Desktop Computer Bundle includes:

    • one desktop computer,
    • one computer monitor,
    • one keyboard,
    • one mouse, and
    • all necessary cords to operate the machines.

Bundles are awarded at no cost to the winner.

More Information

This program is based on a model created and popularized by Texas-based nonprofit, Comp-U-Dopt. Comp-U-Dopt provides access to computers, facilitates growth in technical and digital literacy skills, and supports the future of youth in their communities. To learn more, visit their website.


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