19% of PA households don't have a laptop or desktop computer at home.

Here's how your company can help.

In our digital world, access to technology should be a right, not a privilege. That’s why Computer Reach works to bridge the digital divide by distributing refurbished computers, offering digital literacy training, and providing tech support. However, our work is not possible without the generous support for our donors and volunteers. 

Your business can increase the number of computers and training programs that we offer by donating computers that you no longer use, volunteering at our Warehouse, or supporting our Digital Inclusion programs.

Did you know that most for-profit recycling companies destroy donated computers to make money on the metals and parts in the equipment? Computer Reach is different. We refurbish all possible computers and distribute them to children, job-seekers, seniors, and families in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

We will even pick up the computers for free and destroy your data at no cost if you are a new donor. Make a difference by submitting a computer or financial donation today.

Computer Reach offers volunteer events for up to 30 people at our warehouse in Wilkinsburg! Volunteers will refurbish donated computers, receive a free lunch, and learn how their efforts will positively impact local communities.

To learn more, contact Kyle Spangler at kspangler@computerreach.org or leave a voicemail at 412-444-8816. To sign up as an individual, visit our volunteer page.

When you submit a corporate donation, your dollars go toward training and supporting people who receive our equipment, ensuring that they have the tech skills needed to prepare for school, apply for jobs, and more.

To learn about the benefits of donating, visit our Support Digital Inclusion page!

Contact Us

For questions or more information, contact Naomi Tannenbaum, Director of Development, at ntannenbaum@computerreach.org or 412-513-9727.