Computer Reach Named “Environmental Champion in Action” by Citizens Bank

On July 15, Computer Reach was awarded a $35,000 grant of unrestricted funds and named as an “Environmental Champion in Action” by Citizens Bank Market President and Retail Director Mark Rendulic. Computer Reach is honored to have received this title and grant and we look forward to continuing our work with Citizens Bank to better serve our communities.

Champions in Action 

Launched by Citizens Bank, the Champions in Action program seeks to address the social challenges their communities face by reinforcing the work of local nonprofit organizations. Since 2002, the program has awarded more than $9 million in unrestricted funds to more than 300 champions in Eastern and Western Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

In addition to a grant, Citizens Bank provides award recipients with tailored local promotion, volunteer support, and publicity to help their Champions in Action better serve their communities. To learn more about the program, visit the Citizens Bank website.

Our Plan for Grant Funds

Through the grant, Computer Reach will be purchasing quantities of laptop batteries, laptop chargers, hard drives, and hard drive caddies. These products were identified and deemed necessary by our technology team’s processes of hardware triage, performance audits, software imaging, literacy assessments, and computer placements.

As an organization committed to responsibly refurbishing, reusing, and recycling received technologies, Computer Reach looks forward to continuing our work to reduce the amount of technology in landfills and increase the number of devices that get into the hands of those who need them.

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