$22,500 Grant Awarded to Renew 100 WiFi Hotspots

The EQT Foundation awarded Computer Reach a $22,500 grant to renew 100 WiFi hotspots that were deployed into the homes of Washington County families last year. Thanks to the grant, families will receive internet at no cost for 12 additional months.

About the Hotspot Distribution

In October, Computer Reach partnered with The EQT Foundation, Crown Castle, and Leech Tishman Fuscaldo Lampl to distribute laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots to families with elementary school students in the Bentworth and McGuffey School Districts. All tech was provided at no cost to the families.

In addition to the tech, families received one year of prepaid internet service. Thanks to this grant from The EQT Foundation, their prepaid internet service has been extended by 12 months, through October 2022, at no cost to the families. Up to 10 computers can connect to one hotspot and access unlimited data, making it a perfect fit for families with adults and students at home. Computer Reach provides technical assistance to answer questions and resolve any issues.

Thank You

The prepaid internet coverage extension would not have been possible without the grant provided by The EQT Foundation. Thank you for making this initiative possible.

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