What is Linux?

Similar to Windows, iOS, and Mac OS, Linux is an operating system that manages communication between the software and hardware in your desktop or laptop computer. The operating system is made up of several different elements that work to boot your computer; manage the central processing unit, memory, and peripheral devices; control elements such as printing and sound; display graphics on your monitor; provide access to built-in applications such as web browsers, file managers, and games; and provide access to applications that can be installed on your device. Linux is available for free and is distributed under an open-source license.

For more information, visit the Linux website.

Support Links

The following support links provide answers to common questions Linux users may have:

Request Support

If you purchased a device from Computer Reach and need hardware or software support, schedule an in-person service appointment by visiting our Request Support page. Computer Reach does not provide support for computers purchased at other locations (Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, etc.). The University of Pittsburgh also provides hardware and software support via phone.