Meet Rick Fitzgibbon

The “Kind Soul” featured in our winter Newsltter is Rick Fitzgibbon (“Fitz”), who has been volunteering with Computer Reach from the beginning. He is a retired reading teacher for the Riverview School District in the Oakmont/Verona neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Rick Fitzgibbons

His specialty and true gift, which he shares with Computer Reach, is teaching the basics of computer technology. His is masterful in his approach to newbies who have never seen a computer before. He teaches with a sense of humor and soft encouragement. That makes a student of any age fall in love with their new computer tool.

Executive Director Dave Sevick praises Ftiz, saying, “He’s my first choice going to any site to teach the teachers.” He has delivered computers and trained the teachers and staff at almost every site.

Fitz, an avid tennis player, is married to Gerrie and has two sons, Rick and Scott.


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