Our NPR Interview with David Freudberg and Humankind Media

In July, Computer Reach invited David Freudberg of Humankind Media to Pittsburgh to talk with Melvin Lewis, a recipient of Computer Reach’s Digital Navigator program. Freudberg is using the interview to write an NPR story about the program, which will be broadcast nationally in September 2021.

Quotes from the Interview

During the interview, Melvin talked about the services he received through Computer Reach’s Digital Navigator program. Here are some of the things he said:

    • “When [Computer Reach] came to install and show me how to use the computer and internet, I couldn’t believe it. I felt so lucky and grateful.”
    • “Having [computer and internet access at home] makes me feel that I am no longer alone—because when you get older, it can get lonely. But now it feels like I have a friend that I can hang out and have fun with. I love learning about this new friend’s quirks, so that we can get along even better … and you guys have been so helpful and patient when I called you about difficulties I encountered while using the computer and internet.”
    • “I learned so much from the support you have given me that I am now the ‘tech guy’ my apartment neighbors call when they have issues.”

What is the Digital Navigator Program?

Melvin Lewis is a Harriet Tubman Terrace resident who received Digital Navigator services from Computer Reach. Through our program, recipients receive a free desktop computer bundle, a free hotspot, 1:1 in-person setup and training, and additional tech support over the phone (or in person as needed). All services are provided at no cost to our recipients. To learn more, read our news post.

Where can I learn more?

If you want to learn more, contact us at info@computerreach.org or leave us a voicemail at 412-444-8816.

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  • 2 comments on “Our NPR Interview with David Freudberg and Humankind Media

    1. Robert D. "Denny" Irwin on

      I am trying to locate a recording of a interview between David Freudberg and Parker J. Palmer that aired here in central Montana last summer (2021). It was program # 216 and 29 minutes. Since listening to the program that stopped me in my tracks, I have enjoyed 4 of Palmer’s books and currently have two of them with DVD’s in the hands of our school Superintendent here in Central Montana.
      Can you inform me how to purchase a recording, or listen to the interview again. The folks at 1-800-LISTEN are too busy to return my calls.


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