PurposeQuest Computers For Kenya

Computers for Kenya

Qampicha Stanko Helms PurposeQuest

Pastor Qampicha Wario from Sololo, Kenya and Janet Helms of Kenya Christian Education Partnership (KCEP) were guests on PurposeQuest Radio Show, hosted by Reverend John Stanko September 28, 2014. Radio show MP3 HERE runs 57 minutes … the computer surprise appears at the 51 minute mark.  (PDF)

Recipient Organization:  Kenya Christian Education Partnership (KCEP)

Location:  Sololo, Kenya

Mission:  “Kenya Christian Education Partnership (KCEP) is a non-profit organization that partners with Christians in Kenya to supply resources and funding for private Christian education. It provides funding, materials, and other aid for both school construction and student scholarships.”

Computers Received:  10

Population Served:  Kenya communities

Installation Site(s):  Schools, libraries.

Funding Partner:  Thanks to the support of Purpose Quest

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