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#Giving Tuesday 2015

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#Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Refurbish & Recycle Program is the third component of our workflow at Computer Reach.  Our large force of dedicated volunteers in Pittsburgh works diligently to REFURBISH viable machines by upgrading operating systems, replacing hard drives, installing freeware, and customizing language and software requirements. Obsolete/dead machines are responsibly de-manufactured in order to RECYCLE the parts.

Since 2010, Computer Reach has refurbished  7,334 computers and mobile devices and responsibly de-manufactured 2,946 obsolete/dead units into recyclable parts, thereby saving 1,696 tons of computers from local landfills and 6,208 carbon offset units (metric tons) from polluting the environment.

Program Cycle at Computer Reach

Next week …. Partner & Place

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