Required Electronics Recycling

Recylced Macs at Computer ReachStarting this January, Pennsylvania residents will be required to properly recycle electronic devices. According to The Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act, which goes into effect January 24, 2013, residents and trash collectors will be required to recycle computers, laptops, monitors, televisions and any other “covered” device. This means that you will no longer be able to put these devices out on the curb for regular pick up, but instead need to take them to a proper recycling facility.

Many of the machines we work with are computers donated to Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania. You can read more about Goodwill’s computer recycling programs, including work that we do, on their website. Find a location near you to take your electronic castoffs. Or, consult the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection website for a comprehensive list of electronic recycling drop offs.

Don’t wait until January, start recycling now.

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