Inclusive Secondary School in Tanzania Receives 12 Computers

After receiving a request from Father Faustine Tarimo, Computer Reach was able to provide 12 Dell PCs to education and administration staff at the Catholic Diocese of Moshi St. Pamachius Inclusive Secondary School.

About the Catholic Diocese of Moshi

Located in north-eastern Tanzania, East Africa, the Catholic Diocese of Moshi is committed to building a united, responsible family of God through teaching and provisioning socio-economic services with integrity, commitment, and accountability. With this, the Diocese places an emphasis on education to “increase the capacity in existing secondary schools to accommodate more students, improve standards and capacity of existing schools and vocational training centers, and strengthen the management and coordination of Catholic schools.”

Further, the Diocese has undertaken a major project to help address the education needs of students with disabilities in Tanzania at the secondary and vocational training levels. Currently, after the primary school levels, there are limited opportunities in Tanzania for children and adolescents with disabilities to participate in educational opportunities. With many considering a disability to be a misfortune or “curse,” individuals with disabilities are often neglected by the government and their communities. Many are discriminated against and shunned. The lack of educational opportunities, especially for those who are blind or vision-impaired, deaf or hearing-impaired, or mute and for those who have mobility challenges such as cerebral palsy, have left many disabled youth and adults in the region illiterate and uneducated.

St. Pamachius Inclusive Secondary School

Recognizing this need, the Diocese aims to provide individuals with disabilities in Tanzania with hope for a better life where they can realize their full potential and serve the community. By establishing St. Pamachius Inclusive Secondary School in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, the Diocese aims to:
  • reduce the illiteracy rates among disabled children and youth,
  • reduce discrimination against those living with a disability,
  • increase the number of disabled children who attend and successfully complete a secondary education level, with some moving on to attend college or university,
  • build strong relationships and foster mutual respect between those living with disabilities and those that are not,
  • provide HIV education to reduce the incidence of HIV infection in the disabled population,
  • and fight against false beliefs and superstitions that have led to the amputations and killings of disabled children by educating children and the community.
With the building finished, the first round of students arrived in January 2019 for the start of the academic school year. Teachers are trained in educating children with special needs. The Diocese states that “the school functions according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and with the spirit of the founder who wishes to see that disabled children with special needs receive a proper education.” In the future, the Diocese plans to enroll approximately 500 children, ages 11 to 21, including those living with and without disabilities.

Adding Tech

In support of the Diocese’s inspirational work, Computer Reach provided the school with 12 Dell PCs with 160-250GB hard drives, 4-8GB RAM, and Intel Core2Duo processors, running Xubuntu Linux 1804 in the English language. The computers will be used for educational and administrative purposes. 

Learn More

For more information about the Catholic Diocese of Tanzania, visit their website. To learn more about our work to bridge the digital divide, visit our News page!

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