Our eBay store is online. See what we’re selling.


Our eBay Store is Online

Computer Reach is now selling items on our eBay page, including refurbished mobile devices, networking equipment (switches, access points, etc.), and high-end computers that are too expensive to sell locally. Devices will be distributed across the United States.



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Computers for Sale

Need a computer? We have affordable computers ($75 – $260) for sale in Pittsburgh! Current devices include 3 Apple MacBooks, 1 HP G71 Notebook, 1 Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e, and more! Check out our Curbside Pickup page to learn more. Appointments are required. Stock is limited.

Join Us on Fridays

After 15 months without any volunteer opportunities, we are proud to announce that we are once again hosting Volunteer Days at our new and improved Warehouse on Fridays.

Volunteers help us refurbish computers 5x faster than we normally would and enable us to get computers into the hands of more people in Southwestern Pennsylvania. If you enjoy working with your hands and building new skills, come spend a day with us! We would love to have you.

Official Launch of Digital Navigator Service Model

Computer Reach launched 2 projects where we visited the homes of our end-users to complete one-on-one 1-hour computer setup sessions. Each session includes:

  • the setup of a desktop computer bundle and external webcam,
  • the setup up a hotspot to provide internet access,
  • basic training on passwords, internet safety, and email, and
  • time for end-users to ask questions.

We also offer back-end technical support. If an issue is not resolved via phone, we send out a Digital Navigator to assist the end-user in person. We offer these services at no cost to our end-users. All costs are covered through our funding sources and partner organizations. We have seen great success so far and are looking forward to continuing this work with more partners in the future.

Donation from Asset Genie

Computer Reach received a generous donation of 70 Chromebases from Asset Genie, a Greensburg-based electronics company. These All-in-One Desktops are similar to Chromebooks and include a Google-based Operating System. We are currently processing the machines and are looking forward to getting them into the hands of our communities in the near future. Thanks again, Asset Genie!


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