Techie Camps Empower Trinity Area Students To Take On Tech

In Washington County, students from the Trinity North, South, and West elementary schools took on tech by participating in Techie Camps hosted through a partnership between the EQT Corporation (EQT) and Computer Reach.

With a lot of their work happening in Washington County, EQT wanted to give back to the community. To do this, EQT supplied grant funding for a project aimed at addressing the digital divide. Selecting three elementary schools in Washington County—Trinity North, South, and West—EQT and Computer Reach continued their work on the project, bringing Computer Reach’s technical skills, knowledge, and equipment to the forefront as they developed Techie Camp programming.

Students and their caregivers were invited to a Techie Camp where they could learn about technology through a show and tell and crossword game. In addition to this, parents and guardians listened to an informational session from a local law enforcement officer, preparing them with knowledge on the dangers of technology. To ensure clarity and safe tech use, parents were able to ask the officer their own questions as well.

After a pizza lunch, students and their parents worked together to take a quiz identifying what they learned from the morning show and tell game. Once completed, families were encouraged to spend the remaining time asking for tech advice from the Computer Reach team. After doing so, families left for home with a new laptop in hand to do homework on and for use of by the entire household.

Thank you EQT Corporation for providing the grant funding needed to make this project possible and for partnering with Computer Reach in our mission to create a computer literate world where the benefits of technology can be shared by all. Thanks to these Techie Camps, 48 families in Washington County gained the opportunity to not only take on, but also take home, tech.

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