2022 STEM Summit to Showcase Jobs Available in Pittsburgh

Join the Pittsburgh Technology Council for the 2022 STEM Summit to learn what Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-related careers are available in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

2022 STEM Summit in Pittsburgh

Hosted on April 28 at the Energy Innovation Center, the 2022 STEM Summit is a one-day, in-person event designed to showcase the diverse array of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers available in Pittsburgh and its surrounding regions. This year’s summit will feature:

  • an inspiring keynote by Jacob Hanchar, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Dream Labs,
  • hands-on experiences about diverse career opportunities in tech,
  • and visits with some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the region.

Event Details

Intended Audience

This event is most suitable for:

  • senior high school students (grade 9 – 12);
  • K-12 educators, administrators, and guidance counselors;
  • college students, educators, administrators, and career counselors;
  • parents and their children; and
  • business leaders.


To register, visit the Pittsburgh Technology Council website. For more technology news, visit our news page.

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