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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit families and communities hard. During these past months, many students, families, and professionals have struggled to work, learn, and access services remotely due to a lack of internet or a home computer. Recognizing this need, Computer Reach is excited to announce the official launch of our Computer Lottery Program.

How Does the Lottery Program Work?

Due to the high demand for computers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Computer Reach is launching our new Computer Lottery Program. Each week up to sixteen people in the Pittsburgh area will be selected to win a free desktop computer bundle while supplies last. Winners will be announced every Friday at 12 p.m.

This program is based on a model created and popularized by Texas-based nonprofit, Comp-U-Dopt. Comp-U-Dopt provides access to computers, facilitates growth in technical and digital literacy skills, and supports the future of youth in their communities. To learn more, visit their website.

What’s Included?

Each Bundle includes the following items:

  • one desktop computer,
  • one computer monitor,
  • one keyboard,
  • one mouse,
  • and all necessary cords to operate the machine.

How You Can Enter to Win

If you are interested in winning a free Desktop Bundle, complete our online form!  Completing this form does not register you for a computer, but instead enters you into the lottery. Winners will receive a confirmation email with information on when and where to collect your prize. Winners must reply to the email to confirm a time on the following Tuesday or Thursday to pick up their Bundle in Pittsburgh.

Enter to Win                Regístrate (En Español)

More Information

For questions, contact Computer Reach at 412-444-8816 or

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