Our Computer Retail Store is Opening Soon

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Our Computer Retail Store

    • Computer Reach is proud to announce that our revamped Retail Store will open to the public on July 4, 2021 (tentative)! The grand opening will include a limited-time sale on tech. More details coming soon.
    • To ensure the safety of our staff and the communities we serve, we will continue to monitor COVID-19 safety recommendations. All Computer Reach staff members are fully vaccinated.

In-Person Volunteering

    • In-person volunteering at Computer Reach will resume on Fridays starting June 11, 2021. No experience required! Join us as a volunteer.
    • Volunteers learn tech refurbishment skills, receive a tour of the Computer Reach Warehouse, and more!
    • Help us get a computer into the hands of someone in need!

Computer Lottery Program

    • BIG NEWS! Computer Reach has successfully provided a free desktop computer bundle to every eligible person on our waitlist. We distributed roughly 365 bundles to local residents over an 8-month timeframe.
    • Because our waitlist is empty, we will temporarily pause bundle distributions until later this summer. If you need a computer, enter to win. Winners must be able to pick up their bundle in Pittsburgh.

Computers & Reach Carts Sent to Zimbabwe

    • In collaboration with the Nyadire Connection and Brother’s Brother, Computer Reach sent 56 Computers and 7 Fully-Equipped Reach Carts to schools in remote areas of Zimbabwe.
      • Reach Carts act as pop-up classrooms and are used to provide a better learning experience for students. Access to this technology will be life-changing for many of the students.

New Tech Support Model

    • Computer Reach built out an improved Tech Support model called Digital Navigator Services. Each device will be hand-delivered and our Digital Navigators will provide on-site setup and training support. This model will provide end-users with a more holistic experience when receiving tech.
    • Using this model, we will distribute 40 Computer and Internet Bundles to older adult living facilities in early June. More projects coming soon!

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