Bite-Sized Digital Citizenship: Scaffolding Big Ideas for Early Elementary Students

It’s never too early to talk to children about their digital lives. Join Common Sense Media on February 13 to learn how to use their new lessons to introduce digital citizenship ideas and practices through bite-sized, easy-to-understand activities.


Talking to young children about digital citizenship can feel overwhelming, especially when you have limited class time. It’s never too early to talk to kids about their digital lives and help them practice digital citizenship. In fact, research shows that kids are getting access to devices at a younger age and tech now plays a role in almost every aspect of their lives—from connecting with friends to learning at school.

To support educators and leaders, Common Sense Media recently launched its Meet the Digital Citizens series which utilizes friendly characters to help break down big digital citizenship ideas into bite-sized activities that are easier for young children to understand. In this webinar, presenters will talk through:

  • how these free lessons can be integrated into daily routines, SEL initiatives, and family engagement,
  • other ways to use these lessons to build a positive classroom culture,
  • and how to integrate digital citizenship into bite-sized activities.

This webinar is best suited for K-3 teachers, librarians, and school leaders. Time for questions will be provided.

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For more information, visit the event webpage. For more tech stories and events, visit our News page.

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