New Report Finds That 92% of Jobs Now Require Digital Skills

A new report from the National Skills Coalition found that 92 percent of jobs now require digital skills. We must ensure that every person in the United States has the skills, opportunities, and resources required to succeed in the 21st century.

About the Report

In partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the National Skills Coalition (NSC) has released a real-time snapshot of demand for digital skills in the U.S. labor market entitled, “Closing the Digital Skill Divide.” Based on an analysis of 43 million job postings, the report found that 92 percent of jobs (in all industries and occupations) now require digital skills. Yet previous research has found that one-third of workers don’t have the foundational skills necessary to enter and thrive in today’s jobs.

The report also found that public investments in closing the digital skill divide can generate measurable economic payoff, with “measurable monetary benefits for workers, small businesses, and the broader economy.” Further, as stated by the National Skills Coalition, “the digital skill divide disproportionately impacts workers of color, low-income individuals, and rural residents due to historic underinvestment and structural inequities.” Here are additional key findings:

  • Workers that qualify for jobs that require even one digital skill can earn an average of 23% more than in a job requiring no digital skills.
  • Moving from a job requiring no digital skills to one requiring at least three can increase pay by an average of 45%.
  • Increased earnings could generate more state and federal tax revenue, potentially ranging from $1,363 to $2,879 per household per year.
  • Businesses can avert or delay turnover costs by providing upskilling opportunities to their staff.

Upcoming Webinar

If you’re interesting in hearing from the report authors about their research (and how it can inform digital equity in your state), join them at 1:00 p.m. on February 22, 2023 for Closing the Digital Skill Divide: the Payoff for Workers, Business, and the Economy. This free webinar will include:

More Information

To view the full report, visit the NSC website. For more tech stories and events, visit our News page.

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