EduNations Receives 15 Laptops to Support Sierra Leone Schools


Founded in 2004, EduNations‘ mission is to connect resources from affluent societies with “the needs of the most under-resourced, rural regions in Sierra Leone, West Africa to provide education, opportunity, and hope.” With this, the organization creates schools in Sierra Leone that become self-supporting beacons of growth and learning.

EduNations has 15 schools in six different communities, with over 100 teachers and staff serving roughly 3,000 students. These schools also function as centers for community development, offering clean water, health education, AIDS prevention, adult education, future vocational training, and more.

EduNations is a recognized non-government organization (NGO) in Sierra Leone and an approved nonprofit in the United States. To learn more, visit their website.

Connecting to Tech

In support of their work, Computer Reach recently sold 10 MacBook and 5 Lenovo laptops to EduNations that will be utilized in six of their schools. Our organization is honored to support this work and is looking forward to continued efforts to increase access to digital technologies in communities around the globe.

To learn more about our work to bridge the digital divide, visit our News page!

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