U.S. Census Bureau Offering Emerging Technology Fellowship

The U.S. Census Bureau’s xD team is accepting applications for its Emerging Technology Fellowship through March 21, 2022.

What is the Emerging Technology Fellowship?

The Emerging Technology Fellowship (ETF) is a unique fellowship experience that recruits technologists with experience in emerging data technology trends to drive data innovation at the U.S. Census Bureau and other federal agencies. Each fellow will have opportunities to:

  • pitch new projects for funding,
  • meet practitioners across government working in data science and AI, and
  • become more involved in the civic tech space.

Initial project focuses will be on: Automated Change Detection in Satellite Imagery and Deploying Privacy-Enhancing Technologies.

Apply for the Program

To be eligible, applicants must have 1 year of experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-14 in the Federal Service. The program is accepting applications through March 21, 2022. Applicants must complete the following:

  • a resume and one-page letter of interest (must be sent via email by March 21, 2022),
  • interviews with the xD team, and
  • background and security clearance checks.

To learn more and apply, visit the program website.

What is xD?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau website, xD is “an emerging technologies group that’s advancing the delivery of data-driven services through new and transformative technologies.” Their talented team of engineers, project managers, and data scientists support “the research and application of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the delivery of government services.”


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