FCC App Seeks to Map Broadband Speeds

A new app from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking to create a more accurate map of broadband speeds across the United States of America, and they need your help.

FCC Speed Test App

The FCC Speed Test app (available on iOS and Android) runs a short diagnostic test on your phone to assess your download and upload speeds, in addition to other metrics relevant to internet speed and strength. All data is collected anonymously. Individuals can choose whether or not to share their location.

Through the app, the FCC will create an accurate national map of broadband speeds. Historically, data has been collected through internet service providers (ISPs), resulting in inaccurate data that often downplayed internet accessibility issues. By collecting data directly from the community, the FCC hopes to collect more accurate measurements and better understand levels of access in the country.

Test Your Broadband

Download: Help the FCC bridge the digital divide by downloading the FCC Speed Test app (iOS) (Android).

Learn More: To learn more and view other opportunities to bridge the divide, visit the FCC website.


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