Many thanks to those who braved sub-zero weather on 3 recent volunteer days.
Feb 20 – 16 people
Feb 27 – 24 people
Feb 28 – 58 people

Feb 20, 2015
Work Site: Construction Junction
Number of Volunteers: 16
Volunteer Hours Logged: 96
Details: We worked on machines in the normal Friday fashion, even though the temperature was well below freezing!

Feb 27, 2015
Date: Friday February 27, 2015
Work Site: Construction Junction
Number of Volunteers: 24
Volunteer Hours Logged: 138
Details: 13 degrees below Zero and 24 people still braved the frigid weather to volunteer with us in Pittsburgh PA

Feb 28, 2015
Work Site: The X Factory
Number of Volunteers: 58
Volunteer Hours Logged: 357
Details: We imaged 99 more computers today. We welcomed 42 new faces … a majority from Allegheny Center Alliance Church.
It was another below Zero frigid day in Pittsburgh PA

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