Innovation District Skills Alliance Adds New Tech Pathway in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh residents! Are you looking for a career pathway into tech? Check out the Innovation District Skills Alliance, an accelerated 3 to 6-week program that prepares participants for tech jobs at local universities and companies.

What is the Innovation District Skills Alliance?

The Innovation District Skills Alliance (IDSA), a new program created by InnovatePGH, Jewish Family & Community Services, and other local stakeholders, creates career pathways for high-barrier residents from neighborhoods surrounding Oakland (Hill District, Hazelwood, Homewood, etc.).

First Cohort Description

The first cohort will include an accelerated 3- to 6-week training program that will prepare participants for Animal Care Technician positions at the University of Pittsburgh in Summer 2022. Training will be virtual or hybrid depending on the status of COVID-19 in Pittsburgh.

The starting salary for this position is $15.56/hour with full medical, dental, vision, parental leave, and university benefits. Participants will receive a $600 stipend and may access additional support, such as transportation stipends, computers and stipends (which participants can keep after completing the program), and more as needed.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply. Potential participants will complete a screening about their interest in the position and ability to complete the program. Most positions do not require an advanced degree, however each position will detail the experience and/or academic degrees required to apply.

How to apply?

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until all cohort seats are filled. To learn more about the job and apply, visit the IDSA website.

More Information

To learn more, visit the Innovation District Skills Alliance website. For more tech stories, visit our news page.


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