LibrePlanet 2013

CommitChangeBeth Lynn Eicher, a free software expert with fourteen years of free software support experience nationally and abroad, will be a featured speaker at LibrePlanet’s conference at Harvard University this weekend, March 23-24.

This annual conference brings together global free software community developers, activists, academics and computer users to promote the distribution of free software throughout the world. We’re very excited to have Beth Lynn there representing Computer Reach. She was a key player in developing our Ubuntu Linux program and is our Free Software Director.

Beth Lynn was invited to speak at the conference because of her extensive international work through Computer Reach, including a recent trip to Ghana during which 100 refurbished computers loaded with Ubuntu Linux software were installed in schools in several cities.

To date, Computer Reach has provided over 4,000 computers to schools and community centers in seven states and twelve countries. For more information visit the stories page of our website.

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