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Who We Are and How We Can Help In Greene County

If the term, “Digital Navigator,” is new to you, you are not alone, as this is a relatively new term as of even a few years ago.

For us, here is what it looks like to be a Digital Navigator. A Digital Navigator works in the community in which they live. They are knowledgeable about what is going on in their community and are trained to help their fellow community members grow in their digital life.

The Digital Navigator works with community partners, like nonprofit organizations, in their area, to connect with community members who would be a good fit for Digital Navigator services.

The Digital Navigator program is referral based, meaning all of our connections to helping community members come to us through our community partners.

Our services are provided at no cost to either the community partner, or the community member, as they are covered by Computer Reach with the help of our generous funders.

The Greene County Digital Navigator position is funded through:

The EQT Foundation





Equitrans Midstream Foundation




 CNX Foundation




For Greene County, the Digital Navigator is Marissa Stanko (Krall). Marissa grew up in Greene County and is a 2012 graduate of Carmichaels Area School District and is a 2016 alumna of Waynesburg University. Marissa understands firsthand what it is like to grow up in the area and is excited to come alongside community partners to help community members in their digital life.

“The Digital Navigator program at Computer Reach is set apart from other programs like it in that it provides everything at no cost from a laptop, to at-home training on how to use the device, and provides ongoing support to community members,” Stanko said. “Computer Reach is also unique in that we not only provide digital skills training, but we are also the device people, meaning we have highly skilled individuals refurbishing laptops, so if there is an issue with a machine, we provide a replacement at no cost to the program participant.”

The Digital Navigator customizes the program and digital skills training to meet the needs of the individual.

“For some, they want to learn how to use their laptop to apply for and secure a good job, we can help them with that goal,” said Stanko. “For others, they want to learn how to use Zoom to attend telehealth appointments, we can do that too.”

Due to the customized training, the Digital Navigator is able to help everyone from a school-aged student using the laptop for classes and homework to a retired senior looking to gain confidence in using a computer to enhance their lives.

“There are real challenges when it comes to internet access, device access and digital support in the Greene County area,” said Stanko. “As a Digital Navigator, I am here to partner with you as a community organization to provide additional services to better the lives of our fellow community members.”

Community organizations do not need to be tech-related, as the Digital Navigator program is designed to be able to come alongside many different types of organizations.

As a resident of Greene County, Marissa knows there are wonderful community partners already doing great work in and around the County. Computer Reach can help enhance those programs by adding a new layer of support through access to devices and digital skills training.

“My goal is to reach as many people as I can through this program because I know the benefit it will be to my fellow community members,” said Stanko. “But I can’t reach them without your help. I look forward to connecting with you on how we can be a good partner to you in the great work you are doing in Greene County.”

If your organization would like to learn more about how to partner with the Greene County Digital Navigator Project, please reach out to Marissa Stanko at

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Greene County
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The Greene County PA Digital Navigator Project is part of Computer Reach’s efforts to bridge the digital divide in rural Western PA.

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