Three Schools in Peru Receive Spanish Mac Mini Computer Bundles

From June 17 through June 21st, Computer Reach Executive Director Dave Sevick and a team of others had the pleasure of visiting the Cusco region of Peru to provide computers to schools that focus on serving underserved children. This volunteer opportunity was designed by Mama Pacha Explorations, a U.S.-based tour operator headquartered in Boardman, Ohio.

In Peru, many individuals are affected by the digital divide. Mama Pacha Explorations reported out that only 45 percent of Peruvians use the internet. However, these percentages vary depending on location as well, with 54 percent of individuals in urban areas using the internet in comparison to only 14 percent of individuals in rural areas. In Cusco, these numbers are at 35 percent.

However, general access isn’t the only challenge. In addition to this, Mama Pacha Explorations reported out that nearly 60 percent of individuals that do access the internet, do so from their cellphones. These numbers are followed by home personal computers at about 42 percent, public spaces at about 28 percent, workplaces at about 15 percent, and schools at about 7 percent.

With schools ranking low in regard to technology access, Computer Reach worked in partnership with Mama Pacha Explorations to provide and install Spanish Mac Mini Computer Bundles at three schools in remote areas, all of which did not have prior access to technology. Through these technologies, our organizations hope to uplift and empower students, teachers, and school professionals, as these computers will increase access to digital libraries and information.

In addition to installing the bundles, Computer Reach provided a training session on computer literacy, with a specific emphasis on Apple computers, to the students and teachers that received the tech to ensure proper and safe use.

Computer Reach is grateful to have had the opportunity to provide tech to schools in the beautiful country of Peru and for this excellent partnership with Mama Pacha Explorations. We look forward to working together in the future to ensure that the benefits of technology are accessible to all.

To learn more about Mama Pacha Explorations, visit their website.

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