Steve Wozniak … bottom of the org chart as an engineer

Apple: Steve Wozniak on the Early Years With Steve Jobs – Businessweek

Many thanks to Computer Reach board member Roberta Jones for locating this short video from a Dec 4, 2014 interview at Bloomberg with Steve Wozniak.  Personally one of my heroes !

Enjoy watching Steve live with an Apple I and soldering gun …
The interview ends with one of his most passionate expressions that he has shared with us personally, in Akron OH and then again in Pittsburgh in 2014 and now at BloombergBusinessweek ….
                  “I will stay bottom of the org chart as an engineer, because that is where I want to be …”
Speaking for many of the volunteers who recycle Apple Computers every week …. Steve Wozniak is at the top of our org chart.
Thank you Steve Wozniak for all you have done to change the world.
Dave Sevick
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