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On October 21, 26 employees from Uber Advanced Technologies Group volunteered with Computer Reach, gifting 6 hours of their day to support our mission to bridge the digital divide. Computer Reach values and appreciates every volunteer, as their generosity strongly reinforces our mission to ensure computer literacy for all.

A Day of Volunteering

Celebrating the beginning of the day at 9 a.m., Computer Reach greeted the volunteers with coffee, donuts, and an overview of the work they would be doing over the next six hours. As Computer Reach regularly refurbishes, processes, stores, and ships technology, volunteers were tasked with a variety of duties. By the end of the day, volunteers successfully:

  • processed 611 Dell E7450 laptops desktops by booting and documenting technology health;
  • bundled 10 Dell 9010 desktops that will be sent to Nicaragua;
  • sorted 1,000 2.5 inch 7mm thin SATA hard drives, determining 250 vs 320 vs 500;
  • processed 17 boxes of shredded cardboard and placed them on shelves;
  • used Goo-Gone to remove 258 FEMA audit stickers;
  • and completed additional tasks.

Executive Director Dave Sevick, Operations Manager Kyle Spangler, and Technology Manager Dave Mitchell led the volunteers through these activities, providing guidance and information as needed to ensure clarity, answer questions, and provide support.

More Information

To learn more about Uber Advanced Technologies Group, visit their website. To learn more about Computer Reach’s work to bridge the digital divide, visit our News page.

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