Welcome New Volunteers

We are growing our most valuable resource… volunteers.

We are pleased to report that Duquesne University has signed up over 20 students to participate in our recycling efforts every Friday this semester at the Goodwill on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Many thanks to Computer Science instructor Lorraine Sauchin for facilitating these efforts!

Lorraine pulled together our first group of tech students from Duquesne for this community service volunteering effort. Students will be focusing on the de-manufacturing of non-fixable computers that we have stacked in large piles. They will be adhering to the Goodwill of Southwestern PA standards of separating of glass, plastic, metal, logic boards, cables, and power supplies for responsible electronic material down-streaming of eWaste as per Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection laws. Follow this link for more information on the Covered Device Recycling Act.

Duquesne University is following the trend of entire classroom participation set by our reliable friends of ITT Technical Institute in Tarentum.

Thank you and a big welcome to Lorraine and her students.

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