Wozniak Praises Mim Bizic

This is a short clip from a speech by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in Pittsburgh, PA … held at Heinz Hall as a feature of the Robert Morris Speakers Series:


… on Wednesday night Jan 29, 2014. You’ll see the full introduction of Woz and then mention of Mim’s influence on him when he was a practicing teacher (found at the 4 minute mark of the clip) .

Mim Bizic of Moon Township,PA was multi-year winner of the Apple Distinguished Educator Award while teaching the Quaker Valley Scholl District and good friend to Woz. She was able to incorporate the Apple II in all school topics.

For Mim, this was a tremendously moving moment to capture on video. Congratulations from all your Apple friends on this honorable mention in front of a packed auditorium by one of world’s best known icons in technology engineering.

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