Computer Reach Interview on Yinz Are Good Podcast

In episode 51 of the Yinz Are Good podcast, Host Tressa Glover sits down with our Program Director Kyle Spangler to talk everything Computer Reach. Take a listen to hear about our growth, daily operations, programs, and more!

About the Episode

A couple of months ago, Yinz Are Good podcast Host Tessa Glover visited the Computer Reach Warehouse in Wilkinsburg to learn about our mission, staff, programs, and daily operations. During her visit, Glover:

  • took a tour of our Warehouse (including our in-person store),
  • spoke with members of our staff about their work,
  • visited our Bench Room to see our refurbishment work in action,
  • and sat down to chat one-on-one with our Program Director Kyle Spangler.

Yinz Are Good is a local Pittsburgh podcast that was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do they talk about?

During the interview, Kyle shared information about:

  • the work we do to overcome challenges and barriers folks face when seeking digital connectivity,
  • Computer Reach’s growth since he was first hired in 2018,
  • our Digital Navigator, Computer Lottery, and Volunteer programs,
  • his personal journey that led him to work in the nonprofit field,
  • and so much more.

Where to listen?

To listen to the full episode, visit the Yinz Are Good podcast website or listen on Spotify.

More Information

For more information, visit the podcast website. For more tech stories and news, visit our news page.

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