12 iMacs Donated to Butler Area School District

Loading our vehicles for the drive on May 5th, Computer Reach visited the Butler Area School District to deliver 12 iMac All-in-One Desktop Monitors.

This donation was in an effort to support students’ digital success in the classroom, made possible through a charitable donation made by the Estate of Margery L. Himes. Thank you to the Estate of Margery L. Himes for making this donation possible and for enriching the lives of students. Computer Reach will work to assist schools with their new technology, providing one year of free phone support provided by our Executive Director, Dave Sevick.

Margery L. Himes was a native of Emlenton, Pennsylvania in Venango County.  She taught elementary school for many years in western Pennsylvania.  As a teacher of young children, she took particular interest in early childhood education and worked to enhance opportunities for young people, especially in arts-related fields, as well as in charitable causes generally.

The Estate is managed by Mr. Robert McFate of Dale Woodard Gent McFate Law Firm in Franklin, Pennsylvania.


2009 iMac 24” Specs: 2.4 – 2.8 GHz, 320 – 500GB HD, 4GB RAM, SuperDrive, Ethernet, Airport, USB, FW, MacOS 10.11.6
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