FLM Haiti Receives 18 Laptops in Support of Education & Medical Missions

Working toward our mission to establish a computer literate world where the benefits of technology are shared by all, Computer Reach recently developed a new partnership with Pittsburgh-based nonprofit, The Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti (FLM Haiti).

Working “under the auspices of l’Alliance d’Action Chrétienne, a nonprofit certified by the Haitian government as a nongovernmental organization,” FLM Haiti works in partnership with the Haitian people to provide “health care, education, trade skills, and employment to improve the quality of life in the communities” they serve. With 70+ adult literacy centers in over 11 communities in Haiti, FLM Haiti provides reading, writing, and basic math skills to over 2,000 individuals each year, with more than 20,000 adults having been served thus far.

Inspired by their mission and work, Computer Reach recently provided technology at greatly reduced prices as an effort to support FLM Haiti’s education and medical missions and for student use in the Excelsior Technical Institute. The provided technologies included 10 Linux laptops and eight Apple laptops.

Our nonprofit organization is delighted to have forged a partnership with FLM Haiti and we look forward to working with them from here on out in support of uplifting and empowering individuals in Haitian communities. To learn more about FLM Haiti, visit their website!

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