Computer Reach Graduates 11 Students at Hawkins Village

Earlier this month, individuals at Hawkins Village participated in Computer Reach Classes to access critical knowledge on safely and effectively operating digital technologies. Consisting of four two-hour class sessions, our program teaches basic computer hardware skills, internet, email, and social media safety. Each hands-on session was taught using computers, providing students with in-person opportunities to test out new knowledge, practice, and ask questions.

Computer Reach successfully graduated 11 students at Hawkins Village, many of whom earned NorthStar certifications for computer skills such as Internet Basics and email. Upon graduation, each student earned a laptop to take home at no cost. This class was the first of many to come thanks to our partnership with the Allegheny County Housing Authority. We look forward to continuing our work together as we strive to ensure that the benefits of technology are shared by all.

More Information

For more information about our classes, contact or 412-444-8816.

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