Unlocking Opportunities for Hispanic Families: Digital Navigator Services in Spanish

Access to technology and online resources has become essential for education, information, and community engagement. However, many low-income families, especially those from minority communities, particularly in the Hispanic community, face challenges in obtaining these crucial services.  

Enter the Computer Reach’s Digital Navigator program. 

At Computer Reach, we know that effective communication and understanding are fundamental in ensuring that every family feels valued and empowered to leverage digital resources fully. With that in mind, we designed the Digital Navigator program to address the unique needs of Hispanic families by providing seamless support in Spanish. 

One of the Spanish-speaking users who received our digital navigator program services in Spanish is Maria. As a bilingual mother from a low-income background, Maria struggled to access digital services for her family. Language barriers only added to her challenges.

The impact of our digital navigator program on Maria’s family was profound. The program not only enabled her children to complete their schoolwork efficiently but also provided her access to a wealth of information and community programs online. Inclusion isn’t just about technology—it’s about opening doors to opportunities that foster personal growth and community engagement.

As the bilingual Digital Inclusion Director at Computer Reach overseeing the Digital Navigator Program, encompassing both Spanish and English, I take pride in leading a program that transforms the lives of many Hispanic families. However, our mission doesn’t end here. We are committed to expanding the program’s reach and providing support to more Hispanic families in the region by ensuring all of our digital inclusion programs are always ready to be deployed in Spanish, as well as English.


by Will Perez, Digital Inclusion Director
Computer Reach

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